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Your Obligations

Your obligations for running in and maintaining your home.

A property absorbs considerable amounts of water during construction and condensation is a common problem to all new homes. Therefore, we advise the following:

1. During the first 4-5 months, the property will be drying-out rapidly, and some small cracks will appear in the walls and timberwork. This is quite normal and can be attended to when you re-decorate after approximately 18-24 months from completion, by which time the house has fully settled and dried out.

2. High heating levels within the house in the initial few weeks will intensify any cracking. The house must be ventilated by keeping doors and windows open a little whenever possible. The window trickle vents should be kept open, as per the NHBC Handbook (although if there is dust in the air then they can be closed).

3. Always use ventilation fans in bathrooms and W/Cs, and do not “over-ride” by turning off.

4. Keep your home at a 'comfortable' temperature of between 65 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit (18 to 22 degrees Celsius).

5. If you do not have a tumble-dryer vented to the outside (for example a condensing washing machine), then you should open a window a little.

6. Your gutters and any gullies should be checked regularly and cleaned of leaves and other debris. When using ladders to get access to the roof or gutters, please take care not to lean against the gutters, or put pressure on the roof tiles.

7. Please ensure that no material covers any airbricks and/ or the damp proof course, or manhole covers.

8. The exterior of the home should be re-stained and re-painted regularly, and within 1-2 years of occupation. Interior cracks on walls and ceilings can be made-good with filler, rubbed down and re-painted. New Woodwork in particular absorbs a lot of paint or stain and so the initial decorating carried out by the Company may not give as good a finish as when you re-decorate after about 18-24 months. Thereafte re-staining or painting should only be necessary every 4 to 5 years (unless you live in an exposed area).

9. Your development may contain a rising foul water main, or a waste water treatment works. It is essential that both are maintained regularly.

10. If you notice that a radiator is cool, this may be because there is air in the system, which can be common in newly commissioned systems. The radiator valve can be opened after the heating has been turned off, and is cool.

11. Central heating boilers must be checked at least once a year, and unvented systems must never be maintained by anyone other than a qualified operative. Solar panels and PV panels must be inspected and maintained in accordance with the manufacturers guidance.

12. Chimneys should be swept at least once a year, unless they are not being used.