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Remedial & Routine Work

Non-emergency Remedial Work
Our Customer Service/ post sales manager will call you within a week of occupation to ensure that everything is to your satisfaction.

Westbuild Homes requires that its buyers contact the company regarding remedial work within six months following legal completion of the purchase. During the first few months as the house settles, a problem can occur more than once. It is better to wait until all the settling has occurred by about 5 months, then we can do all the remedial work in one go. Please note that this does not include shrinkage cracks, items resulting from shrinkage and condensation, due to the property drying out, general wear and tear, and from any damage arising from not running in and maintaining your home.

Our systems will not allow us to forget when you have agreed to defer work. They will constantly remind us that work is outstanding on a customer's property. We will also send you a letter to confirm what we have agreed to do and when we are expected to contact you again or to undertake the work.

Westbuild Homes does stipulate that if any damage or defect should be found to any appliance, worktop/ surface, sanitaryware, or glazing, that this defect should be reported to Westbuild Homes in writing within a week of the completion date, otherwise the Company cannot be held responsible.

Westbuild Homes will deal with your request as quickly as possible, and we undertake to attend to matters in accordance with the following:

Routine Repairs and Remedial Work
We will carry out routine snagging repairs within six months of legal completion. We suggest a good idea would be to collect a list of these items in month 5, and send to our Customer Services Department. (Please note that there may be instances of a delay due to events beyond our control, for example if a spare part needs to be ordered, or input is required from a supplier or contractor).


• Dripping taps
• Leaking gutters
• Renewing a roof tile
• Ease and adjust doors and windows

(NB: This does not include routine shrinkage crack filling, as per point 1 in Obligations for running in and maintaining your home".)

Urgent Remedial Work

We will deal with snagging problems leading to serious damage or service breakdown within four working days.

• Leaks to water supply, pipes or boiler
• Blocked drains
• Lighting and power failure
• Loss of hot water supply
• Security